The Royal Bank Credit Card by RBS: Everything You Need To Know


Selecting the right credit card to meet your individual needs is an important and difficult choice.  However, if you are looking for a low-rate credit card that is great for travel, we may be able to help. The Royal Bank Credit Card fulfills these needs and has been one of the leading credit cards on the market over the years.

In this article, we will take you through the various features of this card to help you determine if this is the proper credit card for you. In addition, we will also discuss tips for getting a higher credit limit. 

The Royal Bank Credit Card by RBS
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If you would like to learn more about the Royal Bank Credit Card, keep reading. We will go over the offers, numbers, details, and how you can apply online today.

What the Royal Bank Credit Card Offers

Are you looking for the right credit card to take abroad with you? This may be it. The Royal Bank Credit Card comes with no additional fees on transactions when you travel abroad. That alone will save you money.

When you apply for this Mastercard, you will also benefit from the low-interest rates on purchases and balance transfers. In fact, the interest rate is just a mere 9.9% (variable). This interest rate is much lower than what is offered on other RBS credit cards.


On top of this, RBS doesn’t impose any charges on balance transfers from another card provider. So it’s an all-round win really.

The convenience is supreme with the Royal Bank Credit Card. With their contactless payment option, shopping has never been easier. Add your credit card to Apple Pay and seamlessly pay for your purchases with a quick tap of your smartphone. If you’re on holiday, or simply don’t feel like leaving the house, you can register for internet banking and do all your banking online.

Eligibility and How to Apply for the Royal Bank Credit Card

Applying for this credit card is fairly straightforward and should only take you about 10 minutes, providing you are eligible. To qualify for this credit card, you must be 18 years of age and above, a resident of the UK, and earning at least £10k per year.

If you meet these requirements, you can head to the Royal Bank website and complete your application via the online form. After you have submitted the correct information and supporting documents, you can find out whether or not your application has been successful in as little as 5 minutes.

If successful, the bank will determine your credit limit based on your credit rating and income.

How to Raise Your Credit Limit

If you receive a low credit limit, don’t let that scare you off from the Royal Bank Credit Card. There are several ways you can increase your credit limit over time.

First, it is important to understand that the credit limit you receive is based on your individual financial factors. If you received a low credit limit, it is likely because you have a poor, or non-existent, credit history. Along with that, a lack of a stable income may also affect your credit limit.

When the factors that influence your credit limit are improved, your credit limit may adjust accordingly. Most banks will reassess credit limits about every 6 months. So, if your financial details have improved, you may automatically receive an increase. In addition, you can personally ask for an increase with your bank.

However, it is important to use your card responsibly for a time before any credit increases can occur. Furthermore, make sure you are seeking a credit increase for the right reasons. If you simply want to be able to shop more, you are not yet ready for the increased financial responsibility that a higher credit limit brings.

The Royal Bank Credit Card’s Fees

  •  9.9% to 18.9% variable purchase APR based on your creditworthiness
  • 16.9% to 25.9% cash advance APR based on your creditworthiness
  • 6.9% to 14.9% balance transfer APR based on your creditworthiness
  • £0 annual fee
  • £12 late payment penalty fee
  • £12 over-limit charge
  • 3% handling fee, minimum £3, for all cash advances
Royal Bank of Scotland |
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RBS Contact Info

The Royal Bank of Scotland bank headquarters is located at 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2YB. You can also call  0370 907 0010 for questions about credit cards from within the UK.


If you are looking for a reliable low-interest credit card that will enable you to enjoy your time abroad without having to worry about the extra charges, you can head over to RBS and apply for The Royal Bank Credit Card today. Remember to consider all of the associated perks, charges, and fees when deciding to apply for a new credit card.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions document for more information.