Best App to Track Kids


As a parent, your number one job is to make your kids are safe, and now you can track your kids with an app. The app helps you to make sure you know where they are at all times. And can be especially useful if you’ve got teens who don’t want to have to check in with you all the time.

While it’s not possible to be 100 % careful, having an app that tells you exactly where they are is a small price to pay for your peace of mind. In this review, we shall not only inform you about this incredible app but trust us, you shall thank us later for this.

The Spyzie app gives you your kid’s location at all times. If you are having trouble communicating with your child, which can happen, this app will help. There are of course plenty of sites online that can do this for you, but with this app, you can track them from your phone.

Best App to Track Your Kids' Whereabouts
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How The Spyzie App Can Help You Track Your Kids

This app was designed by SuperSoft Limited and has been around since 2007. There are many versions of the app, and the latest one has expended in capabilities and includes more features than any other version. It is compatible with both Android and IOS versions, and offers the following abilities;


It remotely keeps track of the whereabouts of your kids and also provides in-depth details about their location, the devices they are using, and the specific route they have taken to arrive at their location. Sort of like a GPS tracker.


You can access the app at any time and view route details so you can know whether your kid has stopped or if they are at the wrong location. This shall also inform you of any inappropriate travel parameters they may have violated.

While this seems too much. As a parent, it isn’t. With the state of the world right now, there are way too many abductions, kidnappings, and other scary stuff that it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Also, in case of any of these things happening, you can help lead police to the exact location of your child.

Being careful isn’t being nosy, so have a discussion with your kid if you feel it will help relieve some of their worries. That way they can understand exactly why they need to have the tracker on.

Phone Calls

So, the app goes a little bit further and gives you access to your kid’s call history, time, date, and duration of the calls, from any Android or Apple device. You can access this data when you view a detailed snapshot of the last five calls.

This is useful when you want to identify the important people in your kid’s life. The call logs can also help you decide whether there are certain contacts that you should restrict, or investigate further who they are.

Chat Apps

Do you have a teenager who is always chatting? Do you ever wonder who they’re talking to? Well, most parents do, and this app helps you find out who is on the other side of those chats, which should help with the curiosity and anxiety.

So, this app gives you access to their WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and any other chatting devices they may have installed on their phones. The WhatsApp data is actually available without having to do too much investigation.

View their text messages

Additionally, the app saves a copy of all text messages also records their sender information, number of messages and the receiver names that are in each string of messages. This history is enough to give you a clue as to the people your kid is communicating with.

Internet browsing history

Now, this is a good one. The app has access to all the installed apps, including Google, which shall help you have a look at their browsing history. Of course, this sounds like a complete invasion of their history, but every now and then, you would like to know what is happening in your kid’s life.

You can see all the image files they downloaded, the bookmarks and all the sites they visited. This app can also be used to block specific sites that you do not want your kid to have access to, and even disallow internet access whenever you want to.

Keystroke logging

This is used to save a record of all the information your kids typed on their phones. This you can access at any time you wish. This is feature is so powerful that even if your kid circumvents it and tries to erase all of the original content. The keystroke always remains intact.

Best App to Track Your Kids' Whereabouts
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Best App to Track Your Kids’ Whereabouts Conclusion

Well, if you remember your life as a teenager, this must all sound like a terrible invasion of privacy, but it is important an important safety precaution. You really do not have to use all the features of the Spyzie app, just use what is important such as the tracking, and browser history.