How to Request a Replacement Credit Card


We are moving into a paperless payment world, so you need to know how request a replacement credit card fast if you lose yours. In the world today. Credit cards are one of the most used methods of payment all over the world. You’ll see everyone using them to buy groceries, gas and all sorts of everyday transactions.

Basically, life in urban and metropolitan cities run on credit cards. So if you lose yours, you’ll need a new one and fast. Most banks, have put plenty of measures in place to ensure that you receive your replacement card as soon as possible.


In this review, we take you through the process of requesting a new card.  You will also learn how to get rid of an expired card properly. So let’s get into the proper way to request a replacement card so you can get on with your life. 

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How To Request A Replacement Credit Card

Call your bank immediately

If you suspect that your card has been stolen, call your bank immediately so they can cancel it. While you are at it, you can also request a new card over the phone. They shall ask you some personal questions such as your name, social security number, etc, to confirm your identity. They shall then send it to you over the mail. It’s a pretty simple process.

How to replace via online

Most banks have an online portal where their customers can go and make a request for replacement in case the card has expired or lost. It is also a simple and straightforward process, although you may need to answer a few personal questions so they can verify your identity. The card shall then be sent to you directly.


How To Dispose Of An Old Card

Credit cards usually have an expiry date, and once that date hits, you cannot use the card anymore. How should you dispose of your old debit card?

If you are replacing your card because it is expired or damaged, you will need to go a step further and consider how you shall get rid of the old card you still have.

Here is how you should do it by type of card:

Metallic credit cards

Most cards are made of plastic, but there are a few made of metal. You cannot cut up metal cards with scissors, you’re going to need help to get rid of this type of card. You need to call the number at the back of the card and send the card to the bank so they can dispose of it themselves.

Plastic cards

These are much easier to dispose and they involve you and a pair of very sharp scissors. Here is the procedure you should take when disposing of your card.

Demagnetize the card

To dispose of the card safely, you should first disable the magnetic strip part of the card as this is where most of your personal information is stored. Your account number, name and card limit is stored on this art. Demagnetizing it ensures that the card is completely unusable to anyone else who may have malicious intentions, such as stealing your details for fraudulent purposes. To demagnetize, you shall need to use a magnet such as the one you have on your fridge, and pass the card along with it for a couple of times, then cut along the strip.

Destroy the chip

This is the next step. You shall be required to destroy the metallic chip on the card. If you happen to have the PIN stored somewhere, destroy that too.

Cut up the card

Once you have destroyed the magnetic strip, it is wise to cut up the rest of the card.  Cut it up into tiny small pieces so no one can put it back together again. You can start by cutting all the numbers of the card individually and then cut out the security code numbers.

Dispose of the pieces correctly

Once you are done cutting the card up into very tiny pieces, you shouldn’t put them all into one disposal bag, you can distribute them into many different bags that have been spread out so that you can be safe. When getting rid of your PIN and other documents associated with the card, ensure not to put them all in the same bag.

How To Request A Replacement Credit Card
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How to Request a Replacement Credit Card Conclusion

Being extra careful when disposing of your old or damaged card is crucial to ensuring that you protect your identity. There are plenty of tech-savvy thieves out there who can even put the card together and make out the number of the card and keep using it through their ways, so ensure you are extra careful, and if the card is lost, call the bank immediately and have them cancel it.