Makro Credit Card – Learn How to Apply Online


If you are searching for a user-friendly credit card at low fees, then the Makro credit card is the way to go. It provides you with a wide range of benefits and low prices while also giving you the possibility to earn extra credit.

Besides certain benefits, the Makro credit card also provides you with low prices. This great package is a must for anyone who wants to have their mind at ease and have total control over their purchases and other financial management needs.


If these benefits interest you in any way, we urge you to follow up below where you will find out how to apply for this credit card today.

Features and Benefits

The card offers free delivery within a range of 20km with in-store purchases of over R5 000.

The credit card company also offers a birthday voucher in value of R100.


Payment options can be easily set up for 24and 36 months through the use of the Makro Card. 

For every purchase made with the Makro credit card, you will be able to receive 1% in mRewards every time.

If you apply for online banking, you will be able to easily manage all of your transactions online through the use of the mCard app.

If you ever travel, the Makro credit card can be used nationwide at any Makro location or Makro online site. The good news is that this card can be used at any RCS retail network

The Makro app will notify you of any transaction via SMS followed by your monthly statements via SMS or e-mail, thus providing you with an easy way of managing your expenses while being guaranteed up to R50 000.

Your personal budgeting will be more efficient and will put your mind at ease with all of its featured conveniences.

If all of these features manage to spark a slight interest regarding how to apply for this credit card and if you are eligible, continue to the next section.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for a Makro credit card, you need to be at least 18 years old. Furthermore, a South African bank account is required, and also has to be valid. A driver’s license or a South Africa ID is also necessary. 

Another requirement is to be employed, and have a minimum monthly income of R2,000. Lastly, you need to provide some proof of your income. 

Who is Eligible

Applying for a credit card has never been easier if you are eligible. The means of qualification are quite simple; you must be 18 years old and have a valid South African ID or Driver’s License. You must also be legally employed and have a minimum monthly earning of R2 000. This can be proved by providing legal documentation, such as a payslip.

In order to apply for the Makro credit card, you must go to the Makro website with the required documents stated above, or you could just SMS MAKRO to 44514 and check if you are eligible for the credit card application.

Fees and Interest

In order to be able to enjoy all of the provided benefits, you must pay your credit card on time without any extra charges and keep your credit score intact.

Some extra fees that can be expected:

  • flat monthly service fee
  • competitive interest rates on all purchases

Foreign transactions, late payments, and other services will require a specific extra fee. These details can all be explored by visiting the Makro website.

Store Contact Info

Telephone: 0860 300 999


For general Enquiries, use this link


The needs and wants of credit card customers are well understood by Makro; thus, it is user-friendly, and ease of use design manages to provide customers with a great experience while fulfilling their financial needs while also providing customers with up to R50 000 in credit. 

Banking has never been easier before. If you are interested in all of these great benefits and the opportunity to manage all of your finances from the back of your pocket, just go to the Makro website to apply today.

Risk Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit cards. Consult the institution’s terms and conditions page for more information.