How to Get Free Coins on World of Warcraft – Gold Guide


Video games are fun in themselves, especially as certain victories result in rewards, such as Artifact Power and Gear. You can also get such rewards when you complete quests and missions, as well as defeat enemies.

Another thing you can earn from doing these tasks is gold. Golds or coins can be used to purchase a wide variety of premium items and services, such as armor repairs, crafting reagents, and flight paths. You can even use this currency to pay other players to do some chores.


However, you cannot depend on rewards just to get coins. You have to actively get WoW gold. This way, you can accumulate more in-game money, which you can use to enjoy the game better. Here are the best ways to get gold in WoW online. Read on to learn more.

How to Get Free Coins on World of Warcraft - Gold Guide
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Game the Auction House System

One of the best ways to earn coins in this game is to participate in the Auction House. As mentioned, getting victories to give you rewards, such as gears. These usually have low values and are meant to be liquidated in the Auction House.

However, you can craft low-value items to make them more valuable. This way, you can invest some materials and reagents and profit from selling the improved item at higher prices.


When you win battles or complete missions, you can sometimes get rare drops, which are guaranteed to sell high at the Auction House. If you truly want to take advantage of this system in WoW, you can buy cheap items and improve them.

Moreover, you can exploit the system by buying all units of an item, such as herbs, metals, and other trade skill items, to create a shortage. Then, you can sell the ones you hoarded for a much higher price. 

Buff Your Skills

In the technique mentioned above, you learned how to use your crafting skills to make a profit. However, you can also use other skill types to make more gold. Gatherers have the best chance of profiting without any loss.

As a gatherer, you only need to invest your time and effort in order to obtain resources that you can sell in the Auction House. You are bound to gather a lot of stuff, which you can sell for cheap prices. 

For maximum benefit, you can specialize in both gathering and crafting. You can take some items you gathered and craft them into more valuable pieces, making them sellable for higher costs.

Specialize as a Tank

If skill buffing is not an option as it takes a lot of time, you just need to specialize as a tank. If you think being a tank just means absorbing damages and protecting others, you are wrong. You can also use this position to earn more coins.

Just participate in various instances where tanks are required. There are many instances like this, so you do not have to look far and wide just to find the right one.

Moreover, some players who play other classes and are looking for tanks to aid them are willing to pay you for help

Just Keep on Playing

How to Get Free Coins on World of Warcraft - Gold Guide

For a minimum effort and maximum fun experience, you can simply keep on playing. Over time, you are bound to gather more coins as you play. Additionally, you are guaranteed to get better in the game, allowing you to get rewards faster.


Now that you know how to get free coins, you can try and make more in-game currency to purchase some of the things you need. With recent developments and the use of gold, grinding like this can help you get a subscription for WoW.