Gamesmerize – How to Play on Mobile without Having to Download the App


Did you know that you can play a game on your phone without necessarily downloading the app? If you have a Google Play store account, you are now in luck. You don’t have to download and install a game to have fun.

Google Instant is a new feature designed for you as a gamer. You can now play certain games on your Android phone with the ease of an instantaneous connection. Previously it would take a lot of time to download a game and install it on your phone.


Some games are also not compatible once downloaded. This new feature solves all those problems for you. You don’t have to worry about cleaning spacious storage to install a game. Most games are designed to take up more space on your device. Here is how this new instant play process works.

Instant Game Play

Google features different games, allowing you to play on your device without having to install it on your phone. There is already a section of games supported by this instant gameplay feature. This feature is a new opportunity for you to play your favorite games – for instance, the ones on Gamesmerize.

According to Google, product managers work with different game developers, sharing ideas to make your life easy. They are working hard to bring new games to this feature, and soon you will have any game you want available on the instant gameplay feature.


The idea behind this new feature is that most game developers are missing out on advertising revenue. Most players initially download the game but don’t follow through the installation process. Now you don’t have to worry about missing out on enjoying any game.

The instant gameplay feature does not mean that you can no longer install a game. This feature makes things easy for you. After playing the game, you will only need to exit. It is tested and guarantees flawless playing.

This new feature is the first place you should look when trying to play a game. Gamesmerize is included in this feature, meaning that you can start today playing several games.

How to Start Playing Games without Downloading

If you don’t have a Google Play store account on your phone, then head to the settings area and add the Google Play store application. On the search, icon search the game you want to play. On the results, check if the game supports the instant gameplay feature.

Hit the try now button and start playing the game online. This upgrade means you can now have fun in any part of the world, even with your phone having less space. The storage the games occupy limits you from downloading, but this is no longer a problem.

Google managers are at the forefront of finding new properties for this feature, allowing it to accommodate more games. This feature is a win for you as well as the game developers. In the future, this app will have all the games.

These new gameplay processes takes seconds and save you a lot of time that could otherwise be used on downloading a game. The internet connection is the only determinant of how fast you can start enjoying the game.

There is no limit to the number of times you can enjoy the game without downloading it. When you are through, you can quickly exit the game. Google allows you to have peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about your device memory space being used up or a lengthy installation process.

Bottom Line

The Google Play store introduced the instant gameplay feature to help you start playing numerous games such as the ones on Gamesmerize without downloading them. This feature enables you to save your phone space, as well as the time spent downloading and installing.

There is an extensive list of games supporting this feature already. After searching the game on the Google Play store, you can simply click on the try now button to access it if it supports the instant play feature.